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If this means something to you... thank you for visiting my site.  I am a very private person. I work on a lot of different projects selflessly so as you can see most of what I work on and who I work with is not on the website. 

This was a great project that I enjoyed more so because of the passion and drive behind this surreal team of athletes. It is a great experience being a part of their unique culture/sisterhood. Please standby... there is more to come.

If you are interested in supporting me (Jermaine Allan) I will be releasing new projects this Summer. Until then please continue to support Boom Town and their successful release!

Thank you for visiting...
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New Merch will be available shortly. Unfortunately AudioLife is no longer a viable resource. Various sizes and items will be available for Kids, men and women.  

Thank you for you continued support. 

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I will spare you my typical looong article and simply say... Here are three "Go to" headphones I use for various audio tracking and reference. 

Of the three I would say that I can't go without the Sennheiser HD650 Headphones. As of this post the Sennheiser HD650 headphones are marked down from $500 to $350 on Amazon. That's $150 off which is a great deal. Click on the pic for more details.

More links:
Sennheiser HD650 Headphones
Sennheiser HD280 Headphones
Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphones
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When companies compete... we win.  This christmas season UAD has unveiled its UAD2 Octo SHARC PCI Card and lowered prices on its entire line.  In contrast, Waves Audio has reduced its Waves is offering its plugin bundles at its lowest pricing ever.

 Whether you are a professional that utilizes traditional gear or an in the box modern engineer Waves offers something for everyone this Christmas season. Waves are renowned for its premium dynamics, effects and mastering plugins. These tools are used in many of the professional media we hear everyday. While this may seem like incentive to purchase this software I advocate this investment because of Waves aggressive pricing this Christmas season. 
Waves offers its plugin bundles at up to %60 off. Why is this discount  so important?  Lets look at the Mercury bundle,  you can now buy Waves Mercury for $2,399 versus its original $6,300 price tag. Now let’s really put this in perspective, it wasn’t even a few years ago that this same bundle was priced at $10,000! So for the first time ever you can acquire these premium tools at unprecedented savings. If the Mercury bundle is out of your range Waves offers its Diamond (%1,299) Platinum ($699), Gold ($399) and Silver bundles also.
If you can afford the WUP and have a computer powerful enough to accommodate Waves software I recommend any engineer add this to their toolset as a long term investment while it is at its biggest discount.

Source: Waves Audio Ltd.

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Can you guess this gear?  Here’s a hint.
“Houston we have a problem”

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UA Apollo

This is a Universal Audio’s innovative 18 in/24 out high resolution audio interface. Apollo is available via Firewire and Thunderbolt  connections. Many interfaces laud their converters but what sets the Apollo apart is it’s built in UAD DSP.  UA has installed its acclaimed UAD Duo/Quad core Sharc processor card in its interface. This allows your DAW to  process  premium UAD plugins latency free with zero burden on your CPU.  

In addition the UA Apollo provides a console UI that allows you to monitor and save your distinct plugin settings before you even begin to record.  Although the Apollo drivers are currently apple exclusive, a windows release will be released shortly.  This interface redefines the medium-high end Audio interface market leaving the RME UFX, Metric Halo ULN and Prism Sound Orpheus as the only all in one contenders in this range. 
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Guess That Gear

<![CDATA[Guess That Gear #8]]>Mon, 19 Nov 2012 14:48:01 GMThttp://gilmoremusicgroup.com/blog/guess-that-gear-8Picture
Can you guess this gear?  Here’s a hint

Everything I touched turned to gold but since I was purchased I
am barely above water.

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Midas Venice F Series

Midas = turned to gold = Midas Touch
Venice = scarcely above water

This Hybrid Mixing Console is a part of the Midas professional console line.  It comes in F16, F24 and F32 Models.  The hybrid element comes via firewire  connectivity. Firewire allows you to track your live performance directly into a computer source. Unlike many mixers that provide a stereo (L + R Output)  master, this console provides direct outs for digital multi-tracking.  

Behringer recently purchased Midas and have combined research in the new Behringer X32 Mixing Console. Though Behringer is credited for its value based products they also have cemented a stigma of substandard components. This merge will either negatively affect Midas lineage or positively impact Behringers product quality. 

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<![CDATA[Misconceptions of "Bad Music" Part Two]]>Thu, 15 Nov 2012 21:39:15 GMThttp://gilmoremusicgroup.com/blog/misconceptions-of-bad-music-part-twoMisconceptions of
Perception is reality: Corporate Greed

Music cannot be controlled, it exist and will continue to exist long after humanity. In our modern capitalist society we seek to control everything, hence the commercialization of music. Where there is money to be made executives will line up with business strategies directed at taking a profit margin from something we enjoy in our day to day lives.

Originally making music was a daunting task that few could do simply because the technology wasn’t accessible and the costs to record were steep. Often times a record label would release an album and make a profit simply because of the low market share. We all want music and there were very few artists to deliver. We didn’t hear the most talented artists we heard music with the machine of corporate investors behind it. It was a template executives made billions from
with no regard to what was to come.
Misconceptions of
    Record labels spent millions on recording, marketing, media, tours, etc. to establish their performers as these larger than life artists with unequivocal talent. As much as they prioritized praising their artist they would also slander what they viewed as competition. They created the perception that unless you were affiliated with [insert record label here] you were not the professional standard. Independent artist were deemed amateur, unskilled and unprofessional. This wasn’t true but the independent artist didn’t have millions like the record labels to create ads defending this. This would go on for decades until technological advances helped independents obtain resources.

     As the cost to create music  music equipment readily available to anyone that desired. This flooded the music industry with millions of forms of music. Social media broke the landscape and allowed everyone to listen to music from all over the world. People began to realize that the talent WAS at their local coffee shop. Local Artist such as Nora Jones embarrassed her predecessors with her authenticity, talent and humility. The illusion of elitism from record labels was broken and the commercial music industry has suffered since for its greedy practices. 

This perceived superiority laundered by record labels created ignorance amongst listeners. The average consumer had perquisites before they even considered listening to a song. “Do you have a website, music video or record label? Are you on the billboard 100? Are you on TV? If not you’re not you’re not professional” Some independent artists would sacrifice everything trying to meet these standards. Chasing relevance degrades music everyday but unfortunately this isn’t going away anytime soon. So is music good because it meets superficial industry standards?


Part One: Lost in Translation