Okay its that time Again. Can you guess this piece of gear?

Heres a hint...
"I have been removed from my bed and placed directly into solitary confinement until I calm down and pay attention"

Did you get it? Click read more for the answer.

Focusrite ISA One!

"Removed from my bed" bed = Rack
"Directly into" = Direct in
"Solitary confinement" = Alone = Single Channel
"Until I Calm down" = Pre Amplifier
"Pay attention" = Focusrite

This single channel pre-amplifier offers musicians a quality preamp in a portable, cost effective package. Universal Audio SL 610 provides the standard in this market but excludes some buyers with its price tag. The Focusrite Isa One is a semi-pro  all in one solution for nearly any budget.
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